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Consultancy Program

The Product

The Benefits

  • provide added-value to complement your existing security services,
  • further benefit your existing customers by providing an independent, reputable 3rd-party security auditing service for safeguarding their web security,
  • generate revenue from audit sales markups and pull-through sales,
  • no installation, no download, and no maintenance required,
  • up-to-date vulnerability tests included on weekly basis.

How It Works
This program is geared towards consultants and organizations that provide security services to their clients, allowing:
  • subscriptions to services on a pay-as-you-go basis,
  • ability to audit any IP addresses for customers,

You need to sign up as a consultant for and promote/sell the Security Auditing services as a part of your services to your customers. There is a one-time set-up fee of $250 USD to enable your consultant account. All audits are requested and run directly from the web site via our Member Services login (available from our home page).

How to Sign Up

  1. Fill in the application form,
  2. Upon approval, we will send you a consultancy agreement to sign and return. A one-time setup fee of $250 USD will be required.
  3. Upon receiving the signed agreement and setup fee, we will create an account for you.

Audit Procedure - steps to audit a client's network
To audit a client's network, follow the requirements laid out in our consultant policy guidelines:

  1. Authenticate the customer making the audit request,
  2. Authenticate the IP addresss range to be audited,
  3. Acquire a signed copy of the audit waiver from the customer, faxing us a copy at (905) 304-7122,
  4. Login to your consultant account, purchase an audit (if not already done) and launch the audit.

For more information on the auditing capabilites, tests, sample reports, etc, check our Security Audit page.

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