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ID # Risk Test Title OS Version, OS Type, OS Servicepack and OS Name over WMI (win) Windows Terminal Server Settings in LDAP the lastLogonTimestamp of Users. List reject Rule on Cisco Voip Devices over Telnet SSH and Telnet BruteForce attack if DNS client is active and working System if NIS Server or Client is installed if an TFTP Server is running and was start with -s Option for rlogin, rsh, rcp tools and configuration Sendmail Configuration over SSH Sendmail Configuration the System if Opie-Server and Opie-Client installed LOGWATCH run snort /etc/fstab and search for Volumes with reiserfs Samba [global] and [netlogon] Configuration security mechanisms for NFS login, sshd, gdm, xdm and kde PAM Config if NTFS Access Control Lists and NTFS Alternate Data Streams supported the Screensaver-Configuration (enabled and lock) on GNOME and KDE if Audio Server installed and list access rights of /dev/audio System if cryptsetup is installed and the SWAP Partition encrypted and list USB-Storage Modules, list plugged USB-Storage Devices. /var/adm and /lar/log accessrights, read /etc/rsylog.conf an /etc/syslog.conf executable and writable-executable Files, list path variable /etc/cups/cupsd.conf and /etc/cups/client.conf Netstat over an SSH Connection write permissions of system-directorys accessrights of ps, finger, who, last and /var/log/?tmp* configs to prevent root login /etc/inittab, /etc/init/rcS.conf and /etc/event.d/rcS-sulogin if X11 tunnel in sshd_config is enabled, list 'xhost' rights /etc/nsswitch.conf and /etc/hosts if Disk Quota activated. Users, who was since 84 days not logged in to the System. time restriction in /etc/security/time.conf iptables ruleset User without Password and User which have an PW and days since last Password change and get size of pubring.gpg Files with setuid-bit in / and /home, Check /tmp for sticky-bit an Verify umask entries in /etc/profile and ~/.profile /etc/aliases Netstat -natcp run Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer ALL run Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer OS run Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer Updates run Microsoft (R) Windows (R) Resource Checker run fastjohn Run Screensaver Status for ALL Users (Windows) Webserver SSL Certificate Test SSL/TLS in LDAP, Users with conf. LogonHours Recursive Archive (Mailbomb) Eicar Testfiles if passfilt.dll is installed (win) over WMI, if hiberfile.sys exists (win) all EventLog Config Policy(ELCP) Settings (Windows) InternetExplorer Policy for Protected Mode over WMI (Windows) Storage access on remote sessions (Windows) the config of the User Account Control feature over WMI GnuPG and PGP Version and User they have a pubring (win) EFS Encrypted Files, Dirs and EFS-Encryption AlgorithmID (win) over WMI if IPSec Policy used for Windows (Windows) and Folder ACL (Windows) 2000 Compatible Access (win) Windows AD ClientSiteName (Windows) XP Internetcommunication of some Programs (Windows) Valid SNMP Communities (Windows) all Windows Policy Security Settings (Windows) SSL on Apache the Windows Password Policy over WMI (Windows) Path Variable over WMI (win) all Windows Admin Users and Groups over WMI (win) over WMI, if Microsoft IIS installed and list open ports (Win) all Windows non System Services, Service start modes and Eventlog Servicestate over WMI (win) if all Registry entries set to prevent SYN-Attacks at an IIS Server (win) all Windows Shares over WMI (win) if Microsoft Url scan filter is installed(win) all Installed ODBC Driver over WMI (win) Files in Apache Script Alias Directories over WMI (win) Apache CustomLogfiles (Windows) Apache htaccess Files (Windows) Apache Config (Windows) over WMI if Apache is installed (win) Windows 2003 Client Funktionality over WMI (win) Windows Firewall Profile Status over WMI (win) Windows Admin Tools over WMI if IIS installed (win) NTP Server (win) Drives Status (win) Antivirus Status (win) for SSIEnableCmdDirective at IIS (Windows) Metabase Samplefiles and Scripte (Windows) OS/2 and Posix Subsystem over WMI (win) media deactivated (Windows) Username (Windows) Data Service on InternetInformationServer (Windows) and FDDlocal User only access (Windows) Autostart (Windows) Windows TCP Netstat over win_cmd_exec existence of App-Armor, SeLinux Clients unter Unix Clients unter Windows 8.1 Server unter Unix Windows Server 2012 Clients unter Windows 10 the config of the User Account Control feature over SMB drivers (Windows)

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