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ID # Risk Test Title Buffer Overflow NNTP Vulnerability buffer overflow < 0.8.2 format string vulnerability < 0.8.3 Directory ACL Integer Overflow Mappings Systems POP3 Server overflow Denial of Service of Honor remote buffer overflow remote DSS SSH vuln WebStar Information Disclosure WebStar FTP Overflow overflow < 0.69 overflow Mangling Overflow secure remote buffer overflow Pound Load Balancer Format String Overflow Control Message overflow Windows Telnet Server Overflow Windows Telnet Server Overflow heap overflow Cfserv remote buffer overflow unauthorized sensitive data retrieval SSH OpenSSH < 3.7.1p2 overflow command execution < 3.7.1 possible code execution orchestrator multiple issues nfs-utils xlog() off-by-one overflow OperServ Raw Join DoS httpd overflow IRC daemons format string attack server overflow trans2open buffer overflow lpd remote command execution overflows TNG multiple flaws : WebDAV Overflow (MS03-007) orchestrator format string overflow in BSD in.lpd Fragment Reassembly Overflow array overflow < 0.68 overflow overflow in AIX lpd overflow in FreeBSD 2.x lpd overflow overflow server overflow / format string bug Session ID Spoofing Session ID Spoofing Engine flaws Font Service Buffer Overflow setsid() vulnerability Unicode Buffer Overflow Buffer Overflow chunked encoding overflow <= 3.3 .HTR overflow, dvips and remote command execution rpc.passwd overflow overflow format string ASP ISAPI filter Overflow overflow /bin/login buffer overflow (rlogin) /bin/login buffer overflow (telnet) Remote Arbitrary File Creation overflow in Solaris in.lpd long POST command ISAPI Overflow Application Server Overflow overflow CRC-32 compensation attack heap overflow APOP Overflow format strings vulnerability / pam_ntdom overflow long authorization input validation bug < 2.1.1 UseLogin feature's DMail ETRN overflow version check (2) overflow's MailSite overflow overflow default password's RH6.2 default password pop3 overflow Web Server buffer overflow buffer overflow 2.04 buffer overflow pop3 overflow overflow pop3 overflow G2 buffer overrun buffer overflow pop3 overflows web config buffer overflow -froot version check buffer overflow's imonitor buffer overflow's imap buffer overflow buffer overflow i2odialogd buffer overrun overflow Arkeia buffer overflow 2.0 buffer overflow

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